Since our inception, we've emphasized the importance of green practices. It began with the use of Green Seal Certified cleaning products nationwide at all the locations we clean. Today, we continue to explore ways our company can contribute to a greener planet.
Our office space underlines our commitment to environmental stewardship. It was designed at 15% above Title 24, with efficient insulation, climate control, lighting, skylights, sustainable carpet tiles, shaded glass, and touchless faucets and toilets. Recycling extends to everything here, from file folders to furniture. We are currently pursuing LEED certification.

As we look to the future, we strive to tackle important broad-based issues:
• upgrading and standardizing our chemical usage nationwide
• sourcing more green cleaning products & chemicals as they become available
• streamlining costs for shipping, storage & training
• reducing our use of fuel & pursuing alternative options
• cutting down on wasted water & supplies
• decreasing paper usage through an online-based software program
• enhancing equipment for efficiency & noise reduction
We're encouraged by our clients, many of whom have green initiatives and standards in place. When companies set a good example, this sense of environmental responsibility extends into the personal lives of employees and their families, creating a culture of awareness and sustainability that can make a difference for the planet.